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Now you canbuy it ready to usewith an airbrush.
•Premixedwithmedium speedpremium thinners
•Premixedprecisely to the correct concentrations
• 125ml and250ml bottles –withflip top lid& rattlemarble
•ASNSpeedAdaptors screw straight onto bottles
•All coloursmatch theVenturi ColourMixingSystem
•Basecoats,Metallics, Candies, Pearls,Marblizers& Intercoat clear
•Range of discounted sets – such as thePortrait or Real FireKits
A full set of themain 12 colours
in 250ml bottles is only $380.00
In fact a full set of 29 solids, candies,
pearls, metallics andmarblizer with all
mediumswill only cost you $999.00.
avoid all the heath risks,
mess, andwasted time spent
preparing your own . . . and start
airbrushing for only
a few hundred dollars
The AirWall™will provide youwith
a clean safework environment –
nomore paint fumes, overspray or
cumbersome sweaty respirators!
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