Issue24 - page 150

•Thefirst evereducation researchorganisation inairbrushing inAustralia.
•Thefirst ever semioticsbased realist rendering system in theworld.
•Thefirst evernational networkof airbrush schools inAustralia.
•Thefirst evernational networkof airbrushschools inNewZealand.
•Thefirst everRegisteredTrainingOrganisation inairbrushing (cancelled).
•Thefirst everVETCertificate IIairbrushcourse inAustralia (cancelled).
•Thefirst evernational standard for the teachingof commercial airbrushing.
•Thefirst ever formal qualification inairbrushing inAustralia.
AirbrushVenturi has revolutionisedairbrushingacrossAustraliaandNew
Zealandandpioneeredmodernday freehand realist airbrushing.Wehave
aproudhistoryof “firsts” . . . but to thisday there is still noother training
organisation thathasdevelopedauniqueairbrush renderingsystem likeours,
or launchedanational networkof schoolsdeliveringanational standard
course . . .wearenot just thefirst . . .weare still theONLY!
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