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a • i • r • v • o • l • u • t • i • o • n
PuffingBilly isoneof the top tourist
attractions inVictoria. Beingavolunteer
organisation,when theyaskedus todoa7m
widemural for their training room,which
everyvolunteergoes through,weobliged.
Inhindsight I regret theway that Iplannedout
Ihavebeenairbrushing for34-35yearsnow,
andyouwould think thatwhen Idesigna
mural tobedone inaweekendor two, Iwould
knowhow tosimply itdownandmake it
achievable. I thought Idid. But Ihavenever
misjudged thedifficultyof anartworkasbadly
as Idid thisone.
Knoxstudents • Vic
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