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‘Soul’Series -
BirdcageMicrophone - ‘SoulMusic’
FenderGuitarHead - ‘ SoulTune’
PianoKeys - ‘Soul Keys’
Music, classiccarsandart are the
threemainpassions inmy life, next
to familyof course.
I’vealwaysbeenarty I guess, it’s
kindof hardnot tobewithan
artist for amother. Shewasalways
projectswithus. It’swheremy love
of art comes frombut I never really
settledonanyonediscipline. I
canpaintwithacrylics, sculpt and
draw. I guessoutof the threemy
main focuswasgraphiteartworks,
but I never venturedmuchpast an
A4 sized image.
What I reallywanted to learnwas
airbrushing. Itwas something I
wasalways interested in, evenat a
youngage. I used to love looking
at thecarswith theirmuralsand
also someof theAmericanartists
and theirwork,when I couldbuy
magazineswith theirwork in it. I
waswho in theairbrushworld, but
I knewwhat I didanddidn’t like.
What I did likewas theartwork
that I finallycameacrossat the
Thatwas threeyearsagonowand
I haven’t lookedback since. I have
appliedmyself to learningasmuch
as I can fromwhomeverwithin the
AirbrushVenturi communitywho
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