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Airbrush Update
a • i • r • v • o • l • u • t • i • o • n
Kylie • Vic
wouldgiveme tips, pointersor
just straightupadvice.
These threeartworks came
together ina roundaboutway.
Itwasnot something thatwas
plannedoutbutonce I got
startedwell, I’vegot anotherone
in theworks thatwill hopefully
(probablynot) complete the set.
It all startedwithme lookingat
imagesof Fenderguitars.Why?
Justbecause. I cameacross
this imageand it immediately
grabbedme. I scrolledpast itbut
I had togobackanddownload
the image.Theangle, the light
source, the shadowsall said that
something tome, itneeded tobe
And sooff Iwent, athome, alone
in the shed. Andwowdid I come
unstuck. I didn’t realise the
challenges that this imagewould
raise. Ithasbecomeoneof those
images I nowdub ‘Simplistically
Thewayblack isusedornotused
incertainplaces, theminimal
useofwhiteasahighlight, the
different techniques I usedand
the interestingones I had tocome
upwith tomakecertainaspects
of thepaintingwork. Andhere
I thought itwouldbea simple
paintingof aguitarhead!
Next came the imageof the
birdcagemicrophone, I searched
highand low for an image that
wouldwork, tonoavail. Itwasn’t
until Iwent toclass thatPaula
mentioned shehadan image
othat Iwaswelcome touse. Itwas
loveatfirst sight.To thepoint that
this is the secondpictureof it I
havepainted, thefirstoneended
upasaKrisKringlegift for a lovely
Lastlycame the imageof the
Pianokeys. Iwas looking for
artworks tocomplete to sell and
displayat theVHRSand thought
well I need to roundoutmy
music imageswithanother classic
instrument and thepianowas
what I choose. It tookhoursof
scrolling through free image sites
and thousandsof imagesbefore I
finally litupon the imageyou see
Paintingboth theMicrophone
and thePianohad similar
challenges. Sharp foreground
focusandoutof focus
making sure the total image
flowed togetherwithout losing
its individual focal valuesand
Witheachpainting Iwanted
not somuch for it tohave that
super realistic lookbutmore
theold school blackandwhite
photography look. I alsowanted
eachpainting tonotonlyflowas
a seriesbut also standout asan
individual artwork.
The learningoutcome I received
frompainting these imagesby
myselfwas, that as longasyou
believe inyour trainingand the
techniquesyouhavebeen taught
inclassyoucanachievewhat you
previously thought impossible. All
youhave todo is try.
When thinkingback toother
artworks I’vedone in thepast,
I know Iwouldneverhave
attempted these ingraphite.The
fact that,withanairbrush, I am
nowcompletingartworks larger
thanA1 sizeconstantlyamazes
me. It isdue to the learning
outcomes I havegotten from
following theAirbrushVenturi
techniques that I amable to
continuallypushmy skills to the
next level and thenext and the
Myfinalword toeveryoneout
there, Paintwhat youLoveand
Lovewhat youPaint.
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