Issue24 - page 7

a • i • r • v • o • l • u • t • i • o • n
Thought for Issue 24...
Airvolution iscreated tocelebrate thepassionanddedication
of thestudents (bothpastandpresent)ofAirbrushVenturi,
toacknowledge theirhugecontribution to theart form.
Itmustbemadeclear that itdoesnot represent theentireairbrush
community.Trying topleaseeveryonedoesn’twork. StudentsofAirbrush
Venturi, “Venturians”, speakacommon language, shareasystematic
consciousunderstandingof theirairbrushingandhavea loveof creating
photorealistartworks; butmore thananythingare the leadingexponents
of theLivingArtMovement inAustraliaandNewZealand.
TheLivingArtMovement isabout creatingartworks thatare livedwith,
rather thanoncanvases thatarehungonwalls, andareairbrushed
onclothes, cars, interiors, surfboards, etc.Airvolutionexists todocument
theamazingdiversityof thismovementand thepeople thatarewriting
itsnarrativewith theirairbrushing.
I don’t think I haveever singledout anartwork for special
mentionbefore, but theminute thispaintingofCookie
Monster landed inmy inbox I fell in lovewith it.Maybe
because I’machildof the1970sandgrewupwatching
SesameStreet?Whoknows, but congratulationsBrenton
winningafirstprize in thecompetition. I absolutely love
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