Disasterpiece – Slipknot theme Harley Davidson

The response from the public to the Harley project has been even bigger than Luke expected.

“A good mate of mine Stephen Borg came to me with an airbrushing project in mind for his Harley. He wanted something different, something away from the norm of skulls and flames. We both pondered on a few ideas and then it came to him.”

“Lets do a Slipknot theme!”

The lyrics from the song SIC – have been airbrushed on the back-end of the front guard.

This was Luke Days response to the question “What was the idea behind your latest custom paint project?”

Having listened to Slipknot, I personally can’t appreciate the choice. Slipknot are a long way from my very conservative music tastes of Brahms, Bach or Beethoven . . . but, to each their own.

Luke Day is a signwriter and custom painter based out of the western edge of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. To say that Luke is a prolific artist is an understatement. This article is about just one of the many of his recent creations, custom painting a 2006 Harley Davidson Dyna Wideglide.

The colours look very effective with the black and chrome of the motorcycle.

Luke’s interview continues . . .
What a great choice. Both of us are fans of their heavy metal tunes and the theme would definitely be something I would enjoy airbrushing which makes the job sooo much more welcoming.

Next came the gathering of potential images to suit each area of the motorbike. A little bit of back and forth and a final meet up and chat over a beer or two saw us come up with a solid layout plan to get started with. We used Pinterest to coordinate the images we used. Each of us created a Pinterest folder and saved images that each of us like, to the folders. Then I just selected images from the two folders. This made the whole process of image selection much easier.

Luke is meticulous in his preparation, using PPG primers and epoxy’s to ensure that nothing goes wrong later down the road of the creative process.

The front and rear fenders along with the tank were delivered and good to go. A few small dints and scratches were repaired then 2k high-fill primed and guide coated. A fresh repaint of PPG Deltron black basecoat was sprayed then images were transferred to the parts with Saral Paper.

Each band member was airbrushed in Black and White with Harley Davidson and Slipknot logos masked off to remain pure black with the artwork surrounding them. Some smoke effect background or ghost flames as some may call it were added to the background to finish it all off.

The parts were cleared in PPG D800 2k clear then a final polish of any minor imperfections. It was all finished off just in time for assembly and reveal at Saintside’s 10th annual John Street Show and Shine in St Albans.

On a side note: PPG D800 is a wonderful clear for custom painting. Unlike ultra high solids clears, that can amplify the contours of the artwork layers, and cause runs in the clear more easily, the D800 slumps and flattens out beautifully. It also reduces the amount of cutting and flow-coating require.

Q: Have you done work like this before?

I have done quite a lot of black and white airbrushed artworks and it does make life a lot easier when composing various colour references and converting them to black and white so that they all tie in together.

Q: If you did this artwork again, what would you do differently:

I am not sure there is anything I would do differently if I was to do this again. I like to really plan ahead on each job that I do because I hate reworking so much. I play by the rules of the 7 P’s. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

I really enjoyed working on this project and I love it when customers come to me with like minded ideas and themes to work with.

Q: What sort of feedback have you received from the client, or friends and family, etc?

Feed back from Stephen was nothing short of mind blowing! He was lost for words when he came to pick up the finished work and once it was revealed at Saintside, It was a huge head turner and crowd pleaser.

Q: Whats next on the artwork horizon?

What’s next? Gee I thought you would never ask!!! I have quite a busy schedule in the coming months. I am currently working on a large Harry Potter mural, on a Laughing Clown Amusement Park Game; there is a whole bunch of other projects on the go. There may even be another high end Lowrider Bicycle build on the go which I am sure we will talk about later on!

Thank you Luke for taking the time to send all the photos and write up your answers to the interview questions.

You can see Luke’s work at . . .

If you are interested to learn to airbrush, wouldn’t you like to learn from someone who is out there “walking the walk” – like Luke? Not only is he an amazing artist but he is a patient and passionate airbrush teachers.

If you live on the west side of Melbourne, Luke runs a Thursday evening class. Classes run from 7pm to 9.30pm, one night per week, for 8 weeks. There are four courses a year, during each school term. Classes cost $370, and all equipment and materials are supplied in the classroom. Comprehensive course notes are supplied, that you get to keep. If you are interested ring 1300 247 278 (1300 AIRBRUSH).

Written by Tony Vowles