“Let your artworks do the talking.” Airbrushed phone covers by Gail Williams

Gail Williams is the living embodiment of the ethos, “Life is not a destination, it a journey; a journey to be lived with as much passion and energy as possible.

If she isn’t building furniture with her father (sadly now deceased), or creating sculptures, painting, murals, she is custom painting drag cars, or endlessly creating crafts like stain glass, pottery, cake decorating, sewing (bridal wear) and her wonderful airbrushed fabric “Rebel Dolls”.  I have never met a person who is more diverse in their creativity and more prolific, than Gail Williams.  The more prolific the artist is, the more I respect them. I have lots of respect for Gail.

The latest objects to receive her attention are “phone covers”.  As you will see by the photos below, the airbrushed phone covers are commercial standard, but they are not for sale.  They are simply for her and her family.

Gail writes:
I am forever on the search for ideas and inspiration to create unique pieces of art and design.

I looked online and saw that these can be purchased overseas, however they were printed onto the covers and were mostly the plastic phone backs, not the actual wallet. Also they were mass produced. I was after something more creative and individual anyway.

This time the focus was on how to personalize phone wallets with images that would be of interest to different individuals and make them one-off designs.

The next question was “what paint to use?” I already had stock of ASN’s Protex paint that I had been using to paint tee shirts and other items. So I experimented with that to see if it would hold up to regular wear and tear on leather or vinyl. I took into account that my husbands phone was exposed to grease etc , from working on cars and got constant handling, so it would need to be resistant/resilient or at least be washable.

Airbrush Supply Network has been manufacturing Protex for over 25 years now. It is the only Australian made airbrush textile paint; and it is factory direct on their online store. It works for cotton, leather and there is increasing evidence that it works very well for synthetics and plastics (depending on whether it is going to be put through the washing machine – testing is required by the artist to decide if it is suitable).

I wanted to start with one for my husbands phone (as he was forever misplacing it ), and he needed a wallet to protect it, I figured if it had a picture on it would be easier to find. So thinking cap on, I decided on having images to look like vintage signs

Thank you to Gail Williams for letting us write about her great mini artworks. This won’t be the last time that you see articles about Gail’s artworks. I look forward to what Gail creates next.

Written by Tony Vowles