Its time to Rock’n’roll guys – Sydney Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo – May 25 & 26.

Time for a road trip everyone !!

Every year a bunch of pinstriping and airbrush enthusiasts make the journey to Sydney, to hang out and share their passion for the old skool custom paint arts . . . and hopefully generate some commercial work out of it.

Dave Cummins putting his hand to some traditional signwrting. He weathered the lettering later. The client was seriously stoked.

Its a huge show! With 11,000+ people coming through and over 250 official cars and bikes on show, and another 250 cars in the Show’n Shine car park . . . and a“custom paint arena” at any show in the country.

It is a wonderful opportunity to generate interest in your skills and creativity. If you have great artworks to bring up and sell, this is the perfect opportunity . . .

The show organisers, Andy and Donna Minnas, set aside a huge space for artists to come and demonstrate their skills and creativity. It is too good an opportunity to miss.

The amazing 60+ year pinstriping veteran Tom Kelly from the USA in action at the 2017 show.

There is a pinstriping area. The standard of work being done here was outstanding. Interest from the public is incredible. Some of the artists made quite a bit of money, selling pre-prepared artworks on panels, drums, etc.

Tony Marks from Airspeed Signs in action.
Alan Smith comes prepared every year with numerous artworks to sell. Alan spends most of his time at the show pinstriping one car after another. This is all done using the Viponds traditional Pinstriping and Signwriting enamels.

There is an airbrush area, where we line up cars and have way too much fun on them. Last year we were also airbrushing surfboards.

Moon Eyes from Japan came over with their legendary drag car and brought a pinstriper with them the “Wild Man”. His work was interesting to watch in action.

The Wild Man from Moon Eyes in Japan, in action.

The show can be an amazing who’s who of custom painting and car building, with people like Chip Foose, Gene Winfield, Charley Hutton, Tom Kelly, Jimmy Shines, and many others over the years.

How many people get their artworks cleared by the famous Charley Hutton from the US? Matty with his mini surfboard, freshly clear-coated by Charley. This was done in the mobile spraybooth made by Lowbake, using Sata RP4000 gun and PPG D800 clear.

Luke Day from Victoria, (see the article about his Slipknot bike) brought up several of his lowrider bikes and took out the first and second prizes.

Luke with his two awards . . . Best Bike 1st and 2nd.

Make the decision and start planning. Don’t leave it until its too late. Maybe share the journey with some others and make a real road trip of it.

If you are interested, contact Andy or
Donna: 0418 113 832
Telephone: 02 9668-8669

Written by Tony Vowles