Speed Airbrushing: What can be done with an airbrush in 30 – 60 – 90 minutes?

This was a 4 hour sprint. I had no idea what I was going to do, and just made up the treatment that I gave the image – on the spot. It was a lot of fun.

This is an article with very few words, and is almost all photos. But these photos speak volumes.

The airbrush can create amazing artworks faster than any other art tool! In fact, in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing, the airbrush can do things that no other art tool can. This article is a perfect example of this.

Damien Darroch is an Airbrush Venturi teacher, and a very passionate teacher at that. He goes to a lot of effort with his students. As part of this effort, at the end of every term, he does an extra session, where he creates an artwork in an hour or two.

What follows are photos of many of the artworks that he did at the end of term and gave away to the students.

The cubist treatment of the bottom of the artwork has a great look to it – to give the artwork a feeling of “emerging” from the canvas
This was my first ever classroom sprint. It took 45 minutes. I became so engrossed in the artwork that I forgot that the students were watching, and at the end I came out of the trance and they all gave me a round of applause. I was shocked! I did this artwork to show everyone what I could do. This was at the very start of my teaching and no one knew what I could do.
This was a 60 minute sprint. This was my first classroom sprint to see what I could do in an hour flat. So I was doing skin and hair textures in the hour. Very happy with this one.
As an airbrush artists, I rarely time my artworks, so timing them in class has been very interesting . . . to see what I could achieve in set times.
This artwork of Jennifer Lawrence, was a 90 minute sprint. This is my first ever artwork painted with just Red, Blue, and Yellow, as completely separate layers. This is at the end of the first Red layer.
This is the artwork after the Red and Blue layers. I only had the one reference. I did not have any “colour separations”.
This is the artwork after the Yellow layer. I cycled through the layers several times to darken up the areas that are deep shadows. I also used a Cream colour (colour corrected white) a little for highlights at the end.
As you can see in the photo, Jason was very pleased to be the winner of this artwork.
This was actually from before I took over the course and was just an assistant. This was a 2.5 hour artwork.
At first, I was trying to just “half do the textures” . . . but once I got into the artwork, I decided that I needed to build the textures properly – I couldn’t cut any corners.
The Angelina Jolie artwork was a 30 minute sprint. I did this during one of the night courses, where the sessions are only 2.5 hours long, so it had to be fast.
I wasn’t sure that I could do the artwork in 30 minutes. Its amazing what you can achieve when you give yourself a deadline and really go for it.
The Scarlett Johansson artwork was another 30 minute artwork sprint done during one of the night courses.
Having done the 30 minute sprint of Angelina Jolie, I was a little more confident about getting this finished on time.
The artwork of Terminator was a 60 minute sprint. I did the artwork in a blue-grey, to make it quicker and easier to adjust and correct with white . . . and give it a cold look.
I was very pleased to get everything done in the 60 minutes. I know that the artwork probably needs more work, but to get this much done in the hour, I was very happy.

If you live in Sydney Australia, and would like to learn to airbrush, who better to learn from, than from Damien. He runs classes on Saturday mornings in Penrith (on the western edge of Sydney NSW).

If you are interested to train with Damien click on the below link
or ring 1300-247-278

To enrol, go to this link for the enrolment form . . . click here

Written by Tony Vowles