Welcome to the new format of Airvolution – the free online airbrush magazine.

This page shows 16 of the magazine covers from the old format. The old magazine issues make great reading

Welcome to the new format of Airvolution.

It is designed to be read on smart phones, giving you immediate access to the magazine anywhere, anytime.

We will be releasing several articles each week, 50 weeks a year . . . 100+ short articles every year. So there will be something new and interesting to read every week. This is the biggest change from the old to the new format. With the old format, we released a 100+ page magazine every 12 weeks. It was a long wait for people, with only four big issues per year.

To open each article – please click on the photo of the article – on the front page.

It all began back in 2010 with Kosta Zombos’s amazing snake skin car

The magazine first began, back in 2010. There are 25 archived back issues. Each issue is 100+ pages. You can access these by clicking on the menu button “Old Magazine”. Note: It requires flash, so you will not be able to access these on a smart phone.

It is worth restating the charter of Airvolution.

1: To highlight the incredible creativity of the Airbrush Venturi student community.

2: To celebrate the Living Art movement.

In a world where computers are rapidly devaluing our skills, expertise and craftsmanship, our community of airbrush artists continue to create amazing artworks that enrich our society. Art, music, literature, etc, are a celebration of life. This magazine records our community’s contribution to this celebration.

The traditional labels for different arts and crafts does not sit well with us. We are not interested in trying to call the amazing artworks of the airbrush community “high art” or “fine art”. These terms are not helpful. We prefer a different label called “Living Art”. This is art that is painted on objects that we drive, ride, surf on, ski on, wear, etc. This is artwork of people, or animals, or places that are real to us. This is creativity that enriches our families and friends lives in ways that mass produced products can never.

Cristian Silva’s amazing Gates of Hell chopper

We hope that you would like to read about these passionate and committed airbrush artists.

But . . . Airvolution has a serious purpose. At face value, each article writes about an amazing artist and their latest creation. But, the subtext to this magazine explores the underlying consciousness of their methods and materials usage. This may smell like b@llsh#t, but it isn’t. Every artist needs a powerful set of methods and materials before they can accomplish great things.

Damien Darrochs artwork of Scott Pendlebury

This is where Airbrush Venturi and Airbrush Supply Network come in.

Airbrush Venturi teaches airbrushing like no one else in the world. It’s courses are profoundly unique. It is the only peer reviewed airbrush course in the world, that is taught by a network of 20+ teachers (everyone else are just “self appointed experts”). When the largest network of airbrush teachers in the world come together to create a national standard for the teaching of airbrushing . . . amazing things happen!

Sue Osborn created these beautiful artwork of Pelicans at Port Albert

Airbrush Venturi is first and foremost a research organisation, into the methods and materials of all applications of airbrushing. It is constantly experimenting with different equipment and materials. It is constantly testing new methods of airbrushing for numerous applications.

We hope that you would like to read about the results of all this education and training research.

Lisa Ritterman’s terrific art of an Armoured Mistfrog

Airbrush Supply Network is the largest manufacturer and distributor of airbrush products in Australia. Most of the products that it offers are exclusively designed by ASN and made exclusively for the company.

Airbrush Supply Network does all the research and development into the products used in the Airbrush Venturi classrooms. This enables the students of Airbrush Venturi to have access to unique airbrushes, stencils, inks, and numerous accessories that make the classroom experience more enjoyable with less technical problems.

Close up of the motorcycle tank of Judge Dredd, by Shaun Farrugia

The 14th issue released in Sept 2013, marked the 140th anniversary of the invention of the airbrush.

Again, we hope that you would like to read about the results of all this product research.

We make no apologies for the one sided nature of this magazine. It’s charter is to write about a single community of airbrush artists, not about the entire community. But what an amazing group of individuals they are.

We hope you enjoy the new version of the magazine.

Written by Tony Vowles